Butler County, Kentucky Genealogy

Lost and Found


The following names appear on Page One

Austin Gott Lavaw Lumin Raymer
Baize-Baze-Bass Hamen-Homen Lawson Milligan Sharer
Baxter Howard Leatherman Moore Smith
Belcher Howarton Ledbetter Northern Sumner
Carson Hunt Lesso-Lefo Oller Waddle
Chapman Kane Link Phelps Wamack-Womack
Christmas Keenan Lively Porter Williams
Engler-Ingler Kinser Lowry Pike Willis

The following names appear on Page Two

Barnes Green Leftwich Mayhugh Oliver
Barns Hartis Livingston McCandless Neel-Neal
Bennett Hatcher London McDonald Neighbors
Burgess James Loice McSpadden Rone
Butler Kirtley-Kirtly Love Midget Spina
Ewing Landon Main Murry-Murry Spiva
Graves Landrum Mayhew O'hare Watkins

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