Puckett-Hollands Cemetery
Woodbury, Kentucky

Butler County

This small cemetery is located in deep woods and presently contains only five stones. I did not probe the ground under the heavy leaf cover, so it's possible other stones might be lying flat.

The cemetery is near a petroleum pipeline, and local people say that when the pipeline was laid some 40 years ago, workers who came here with that company from out of state took many of the tombstones with them to use for coffee-table tops.

A landowner who grew up on an adjoining farm from that on which this cemetery is located told me that he believes these folks were black. The 1880 census offers further indication that this information is correct. Lewis F. Puckett, a black male, 22, lived at household 196, family 196, in the Woodbury Magisterial District, with wife Ellen, 20, and son William S. Puckett, age 1. Lewis' mother, Isabella, 43, lived with the family, as did George W. Holeman, 24, a white man. The race of Ellen and little William S. Puckett was not given. Isabella and both parents were born in Virginia. George W. Holman and both parents (Alexander and Nancy Holeman/Holman, who lived just a few houses away in 1880) were born in Tennessee, having arrived in Butler County between 1867 and 1870.

This Puckett family does not appear in the 1870 census of Butler County, nor does William Hollands.

Marriage records show that Lewis Puckett, a black man, married Ellen McClung on 9 May 1878.

Louis F. Puckett 15 Oct 1858 12 Oct 1888
William S. Puckett 1 Feb 1830 12 Apr 1865
Annie Puckett 2 Aug 1859 16 May 1865
James A. Puckett 15 Oct 1866 16 Sept 1876
William Hollands died 13 April 1880 aged 70 years

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