History of Butler County, Kentucky

When you find a Butler County ancestor born in Virginia, or in the Kentucky counties of Ohio, Logan, Hardin, Nelson, Jefferson, or Lincoln, it's possible that he or she didn't move,
but remained in one location.

The area which is now Butler County did not spring fully formed onto the Kentucky map. It descended from Virginia, just as we descended from our ancestors who lived on this frontier at that period of time, and it went through several names before finally arriving at the one we know today. Hang with me, and we'll see if we can work this out together.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky was once Kentucky County, Virginia.
In 1780, three counties were formed--
Lincoln, Jefferson and Fayette.

Between 1780 and 1789, a total of nine counties were created by the Commonwealth of Virginia in the Kentucky District. Those nine were in existence when Kentucky was granted statehood in 1792, and none have passed out of existence. Moving in an eastward (roughly) direction, they are Lincoln, Nelson, Jefferson, Mercer, Woodford, Fayette, Madison, Bourbon, and Mason.

The two of those which interest Butler Countians are Lincoln and Nelson.

To the north,
Nelson County was taken out of Jefferson County in 1785.
was formed from Nelson in 1793.
was formed from Hardin in 1799.

To the south, in 1792, Logan was formed from part of Lincoln.

Butler County is divided in roughly two equal portions by the Green River. It was formed in 1810 out of Logan County to the south and Ohio County to the north.

"THE NORTH SIDE" --- Ohio from Hardin from Nelson from Jefferson County, Commonwealth of Virginia, District of Kentucky, from Kentucky County, Virginia.

"THE SOUTH SIDE" --- Logan from Lincoln from Kentucky County, Virginia.


Kentucky County, Virginia
to the
Commonwealth of Kentucky

Check this chart for the official birthplaces of ancestors born in the same geographical area within these time periods

.......Butler County North of Green River.................................................Butler County South of Green River.......

Kentucky County VA 1776 Kentucky County VA 1776
Jefferson County VA 1780 Lincoln County VA 1780
Nelson County VA 1785
Nelson County KY 1792 Logan County KY 1792
Hardin County KY 1793
Ohio County KY 1799
Butler County KY 1810 Butler County KY 1810





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