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Deer in the yard

The deer came right outside the house.

posted: 26 Sep 2022


Concert at the park

Monticello City put on a free concert at the dog park which is walking distance from the house. It's a local band that play venues around the area.

posted: 18 Sep 2022


Enjoying a day off from construction

We took Sunday off and went for lunch at the Conley Bottom Resort which is about a 20 minute drive from our house and they have 4.7 stars with 856 reviews!

posted: 05 Sep 2022


Timelapse of the landscape

This is a timelapse from the start to the current condition of the landscape

posted: 30 Aug 2022


Fill dirt added

This should provide a general idea of the amount of fill dirt that has been moved off of the mountain to make the front yard.

posted: 28 Aug 2022


Yard Overview

Overview of the front of the house.

posted: 27 Aug 2022


Molly Playing

I was doing some surveying while Molly thought it would be a good time to play. She just loves to get out and run!

posted: 23 Aug 2022


Caleb Working Away

Caleb is really getting the hang of the backhoe. The funny part was when he said the controls of the backhoe are just like playing a video game.

posted: 04 Aug 2022


Caleb on the backhoe

I think he might have found his calling. I have never seen anyone adapt so quickly to operating a backhoe.

posted: 03 Aug 2022


our Yard Spring

This is our spring as it appears after a rain. I not sure how the rain finds itself into a vein which creates the spring and the water never turns a mud color... hmmmm

posted: 22 Jul 2022

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